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Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

10 Weeks
All levels
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  • Grade 12 or equivalent with 40% in Mathematics

The Electrical Engineering program at levels N4-N6 is a post-matric National Certificate program.

Upon successful completion of the N4 National Certificate, students have the opportunity to progress to N5 and N6 levels. Subsequently, they can engage in 18 months of practical experience in a relevant workplace to meet the requirements for obtaining the National N Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

The N4 Certificate is available on a Full-Time basis at our Pretoria Campus. For the N5-N6 Certificates, Distance Learning options are provided.


Applicants should possess an N3 qualification or its equivalent.


It is advisable for students enrolling in the National Certificate program to successfully complete the N5 and N6 levels, followed by an 18-month workplace experiential training to qualify for the National N Diploma. This achievement opens doors for further education at a University of Technology or employment in workplaces that recognize and require the qualification.


The program spans a trimester, equivalent to a 3-month period or 10 weeks per certificate. Note: N4 is available on a Full-Time basis, while N5-N6 are exclusively offered through Distance Learning.

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