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Business Management


Business Management

Business Management

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  • Grade 12 or equivalent

Business Management encompasses all the tasks required to operate a business, such as planning, controlling, leading, and monitoring.

Management involves organizing and motivating people to attain the organization’s objectives. A competent manager should possess the appropriate qualifications to enable effective utilization of available time and resources.

At each level, learners can expect to receive the following benefits:.

National Certificate N4, N5, N6
National N Diploma and 18-months of in-service training
The National N Diploma includes two (2) years of theory and 18-months of in-service training.
All examinations are set and administered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).
The National N Diploma is issued by the DHET.

Admission Requirements

Registration fees is non – refundable

A copy of your identity document/passport with study permit/asylum permit
A copy of proof of residence
Two A4 rims of paper
Two id photos
Proof of payment of registration fees and deposit fee


Product manager
Sales manager
Marketing manager
Business analyst
Business consultant
Business development manager
Banking officer

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