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Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

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  • Grade 12 or equivalent with 40% in Mathematics

The NATED N1-N6 Civil/Building Engineering program encompasses levels N1-N6, offering theoretical knowledge in Civil/Building Engineering alongside an optional practical component. Upon completing 24 months (2000 working hours) in your chosen field, you can achieve a National Certificate or Diploma. This qualification includes a mandatory section (N1-N6 theory) and two optional practical components: a beginner’s level (completed between N1-N3) and an advanced level (undertaken between N4-N6).

Admission Requirements

To enter N4, you need either a Matric/Grade 12 with at least 40% in math and science or an N3 pass with math and science. Remember, you can move to the next level only after finishing the current one successfully, like going from N4 to N5.

National Certificate

Upon passing all external department exams, the student will be awarded a national certificate by the Department of Education. Please note that this certificate is not issued by us but solely by the Department of Education.

National Diploma

Gain practical experience by working in the Mechanical engineering industry for 24 months (2 years), focusing on at least two subjects covered in N6. Afterward, submit an application for a National Diploma at the campus where you completed your studies.

Career Options

Depending on the necessary practical experience/ programme specific training, the following opportunities are available for Civil Engineering students:

Architectural Technology
Industrial Designing
Town and Regional Planning
Road Construction
Building Construction
Building Inspectors
Drainage Inspection
Quantity Surveying
Sanitation and Reticulation
Engineering Surveying
Site Managers

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